How Does HITT Massage Work?

In its simplistic form, HITT massage is the application of static pressure such as an elbow or finger to a tense area in a client’s body. The client who perhaps felt nagging or dull pain or even numbness prior to the massage will now be completely aware of the tension embedded in the muscle. The client will gain the muscle control needed to loosen up the muscle as direct pressure is applied to the muscle.

HITT massage so intense, that it often pushes clients to the brink of what they can handle. In accepting this level of intensity, the client is will naturally take deep breaths, and stay calm, essentially putting themselves in a meditative state, which is key component in their muscles releasing tension. The therapist will feel the muscle elongating as the elbow slides down the back, and if done correctly, the muscles will eventually “pop” (several if not hundreds of times in the course of a single session) as tension is released quickly.

Typically HITT is performed when a client is fully clothed out of convenience; however, it can be performed for clients who wish to disrobe who feel comfortable. What makes it difficult to find a good therapist is that it requires that a therapist be so precise that being one single muscle fiber “off target,” and using an angle of pressure off by one degree would greatly reduce the effectiveness of the massage.

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