Why are Athletes most in need of HITT?

Athletes should note that as they continually exert their body at the highest level, it’s inevitable that their muscles become less elastic and more injury prone, due to major or even minor sprains, strains, and bruising. Even if a person is a world class athlete and has never had an injury, as a person ages, they will always lose their mobility and their risk of injury increases. One can stretch to maintain their current level of flexibility, but stretching does not typically evenly stretch out the muscle. The reason for this is because the tight part of the muscle will stretch out less, and the loose part of the muscle will stretch out more. Thus, HITT is able to locate which part of the muscle is tighter than other parts which ultimately leads to less injuries.

Why athletes should try HITT massage on top of what they are already doing:

HITT massage is necessary for optimal flexibility and athletic performance. Athletes cannot achieve optimal flexibility alone with stretching or conventional massage.

People may try to increase flexibility through assisted or unassisted stretching, but stretching by itself is unideal. It loosens the entire muscle and soft tissues evenly which is undesirable. It is much more advantageous to loosen the precise localized area of the body that is the tightest, which HITT massage can accomplish. To not emphasize loosening up the tighter areas of the muscle can result in being more injury prone and being less flexible.

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