I had a lot of lower back pain and frequent cramping to my calves. I’ve tried pain medications for my pain and a lot of stretching for the frequent cramping. Both solutions yielded less than spectacular outcomes. I would recommend Marshall for massage therapy because of this extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise on the art and philosophy of massage therapy. In one session he was able to alleviate most of my back pain and the reoccurrence of back pain has been less frequent. He also found a large knot in my calves which was the source of my cramping and in turn the cause of my lower back pain.

H. Vong

Marshall Tanaka created HITT Massage over the last 12 years that he has practiced as a Massage therapist and business owner in the city of Orange. During that time, he conducted over 10,000 massages, and has experience working with MMA fighters, major league players, former football players,

Marshall’s goal is to continue to share his knowledge of the body and massage to the world of professional athletes as well as the medical community.

About Past Tense

Past Tense Massage was established in 1998, at what is now called the Outlets at Orange. It was known by many as a place to get worked on in short massage sessions before and after movies in a fun, barber type setting. Over the course of 17 years, its clientele has changed from walk through, “impulse buy” type of clients to a loyal following, who seek our longer massage sessions where we specialize in a deep HITT massage.

Conventional massage, which would include any massage that could be offered in a chain of massage venues, would be ideal for general relaxation, however is not ideal for relief of deep muscle tension. The reason for this is because the conventional “deep tissue massage” works on the surface tension of the muscle and does not specifically target tension that is inches deep into the body.

HITT can be performed in all areas of the body. The most common areas are the neck and shoulders for headaches, glutes and hamstrings for sciatic nerve issues. It can also be performed on the arms, forearms and hands for carpal tunnel, and the calves and feet for twisted ankles or plantar fasciitis. There is no area that cannot benefit from.

I was experiencing severe headaches and dizziness before I got massaged regularly. I’ve tried prescription pain killers, stretching, heat packs, exercising and self massage.I would definitely recommend Marshall because he is fantastic! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable at his subject, he is also professional, caring, and very effective with helping to eliminate those pesky knots with his brand of deep tissue massage. Its working wonders for me.

I. Woo

I had serious hamstring cramps after riding for 50 miles. The soreness lasted for more than a week. I sat in my massage chair several times and then used the foam roller. The soreness persisted. Tanaka worked on all the affected muscles for about 3/4 hr. He applied his unique deep tissue massage and, while it was quite painful, when he was done, I felt an amazing difference.

Ken Fong

Private Consultation
If you would like to know more about how HITT massage or like to schedule massage services, contact Marshall today. Feel free to reach out, via phone, text or email from the hours of 8am-8pm.

HITT Massage
HITT massage (High Intensity Trigger-point Therapy) is the efficient and intense form of bodywork designed to increase flexibility in all people, and especially athletes. It is a deliberate, pinpointed massage that presses out the tension embedded deep within the muscle and soft tissues.

How is HITT so Effective?
HITT massage is so effective because it teaches muscles and soft tissues to stay loose for weeks, if not permanently, because it works on eliminating tension from the source. It accomplishes this by using 2 to 5 times as much pressure than a typical “deep tissue massage.”

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